Democrat City Reveals Plot To Punish All Unvaccinated Americans

The timer is set, January 15th, 2022. From that date forward, the city of Boston will require proof of full vaccination in order to access indoor areas in the city.

Similar to New York City’s “Key to NYC” vaccine passport, Boston’s “B Together” program is the latest scheme of the left to completely shun and exclude unvaccinated Americans from attending restaurants, bars, concerts, theatres, museums, bowling alleys, fitness centers, sports arenas, and all similar indoor events.

Enforced against everyone aged 12 and up, the new law will require that just one dose of vaccine be administered by the middle of January, but by the 15th of February, those same individuals must be able to prove full two-dose vaccination in order to maintain their passport. The program will be expanded to include children aged 5-11 by March and fully implemented and enforced by May 1 of 2022.

The city is also forcing all of its employees to receive their vaccines on the same timelines. Mayor Wu, alongside fellow municipal leaders and mayors from Greater Boston, announced the plan and discussed the vaccination requirements as part of an effort to manage an expected ‘winter surge’ of Omicron variant COVID-19 by increasing vaccination and limiting indoor gatherings. The new policy was issued via a public health order through the city’s Public Health Commission.

Mayor Michelle Wu claimed that vaccines were the best tool available in combatting the pandemic, and said that the goal of “closing vaccination gaps” was the best strategy at hand to protect the community. Wu also said that most hospitalizations and deaths related to COVID-19 are amongst the unvaccinated, and chastised unvaccinated individuals for “impacting our entire healthcare system… compromising the health of our communities.” Wu added that forcing the issue of vaccination was a public health necessity, and that testing and vaccination would be available to all.

Doubtlessly, American patriots will soon be filing suit against the city to fight against the overbearing restrictions on basic liberties that radical leftist cities keep trying to impose.

Author: Joyce Bennett