Democrat City Commits Ultimate Act Of Self-Destruction

A Seattle police officer asked to purchase a box of chocolates at a local store on Tuesday, but was denied service.

Reporting from The Post Millennial reveals that the officer was joined by a trainee when they entered Chocolati, a Seattle chocolate outlet. The Post Millennial contacted the store after hearing of the incident, and were met with defensive and unwelcoming remarks. The reporter told the employee that they would attempt to contact the manger or owner of the store, to which the employee responded “go f*** yourself.”

The Post Millennial also noted that after publication of their article, another police officer contacted them and explained that he had a similar experience with Chocolati on a different date. The article also reports that the Seattle PD has the lowest number of officers on staff since the 1980’s.

Police are leaving Seattle in droves as rioters take full control of the city. Last Saturday, riots once again broke out in Seattle, leading to the arrest of over a dozen individuals. Graffiti was sprayed on buildings, calling for the murder of police officers.

Seattle police officers are clearly unwelcome in their hometown. More power to them for leaving, let the city implode under a state of radical leftist anarchy.

Author: Desmond Carlson

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