Democrat Begs Kamala Harris To Do Her Job Before It’s Too Late

Representative Henry Cuellar (D-TX) issued a plea to Vice President Kamala Harris to come to the U.S.-Mexico border before the arrival of former President Donald Trump, who is staged to draw significant attention to the border crisis when he arrives in about two weeks.

Cuellar’s message desperately begs Harris to “join me and other [Congressmen]” in order to learn about the perspective of residents of the border region as well as witness the “ongoing humanitarian crisis.” Cuellar added that Harris should join them in order to visit with the American citizenry “on the ground” who are forced to manage “these issues every day.”

Cuellar represents the 28th Congressional District of Texas, a region which shares about 300 miles of border with Mexico. He told Harris that local officials, residents, law enforcement and emergency personnel could offer powerful perspective because they “understand the dynamics” of the immigration crisis.

Cuellar sent the letter shortly after Trump announced that he would be making a visit to the southern border by the end of the month.

Cuellar’s letter also stated that in order to “implement more effective policies” Harris should learn about the concerns of locals in the area, such as himself. He stressed how the migrant influx combined with the pandemic has created a “severe burden” on local communities. He added that there’s no end insight for the migrant crisis, and that the Biden administration must seek out “proactive” solutions that include “a sustainable system of humanitarian aid” to relieve the American citizenry of shouldering that responsibility.

Trump’s planned border visit comes as the immigration crisis continues to spiral out of control, with record numbers of illegal aliens crossing into the country, bringing unprecedented amounts of illegal and dangerous drugs with them.

May of 2021 represented the worst influx of migrant traffic seen since the founding of the Department of Homeland security which was established in 2002.

Trump announced on Tuesday that he had accepted an invitation from Texas Governor Gregg Abbott to make an official visit to America’s “decimated Southern Border.” Trump added that Biden took a border that was stronger, safer and more secure than any in American history and turned it into the worst situation in a mater of mere weeks. Trump called the southern border “an unmitigated disaster zone.”

Adding insult to the situation, Trump points out that both Biden and Harris have so far refused to even come witness in person “the wreckage they created” or even visit ICE and Border Patrol agents who actively defend the nation despite the administration doing everything in their power to make agents’ jobs “totally impossible.”

Author: Andres Boyd