Delusional Pelosi Says That Climate Change Is Sexist

Speaking at the ongoing COP26 climate summit for the United Nations in Glasgow, Scotland, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi claimed that climate change across the globe disproportionately puts women at greater risk than men.

Pelosi argued that climate change acts as “a threat multiplier,” which “accelerates existing inequities.” She then claimed that 80% of all people displaced by climate change are women.

Pelosi’s claim seems to originate from a U.N. report that came out in 2018 and matches the 80% figure in her claim, but it’s not clear where the statistic came from as the original study cannot be found. The U.N. report concludes with a claim that women face more harm than men from climate change due to “cultural gender roles… [that] limit women’s abilit[y] to make quick decisions.”

Earlier this week, Pelosi flew off for the conference alongside almost two dozen other House Democrats, according to an announcement she made. The lawmakers are all slated to spend the duration of the conference in panel discussions and bilateral meetings with international counterparts.

The highlight of gender issues for the COP26 is likely related to the U.N. summit’s declaration that it was “gender day.”

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, part of the congressional delegation, said that America’s Democrats were there “to push.” She said that their goal was to completely “reexamine our first-world… global governments” and “push [those governments]… boundaries.”

Last week, the House cleared a key measure which brings Democrat President Joe Biden’s ‘Build Back Better Act’ one step closer to reality. The massive spending plan includes an eye-popping $555 billion in spending on climate issues, the largest bill of its kind in history.

Democrats paraded their bill around during meetings at COP26 this week.

Pelosi said that Democrats are doing all they can during the “‘Code Red for Humanity'” moment she claims we’re in.

Pelosi said that only with “President Biden and the Democratic Congress,” can progressives pursue their goals of “green jobs… green technologies,” and suggested that they are the only hope for clean air and water for the world at large.

Author: Kathy Hughes