Deep State Agent Moves To Arrest Team Trump

An Obama Era FBI agent who served as the assistant director of the Counterintelligence program said on Tuesday that certain Trump administration officials as well as standing members of Congress might need to be arrested so that events resembling the January 6 Capitol riot can be prevented.

Agent Frank Figliuzzi said that the arrest of “low-level operatives” only represents a “speed bump, not a roadblock” when it comes to preventing domestic terrorism. He says that in order to block it for good you have to “dismantle the command-and-control element,” which he said might include “people sitting in Congress right now,” as well as “people. . . around the former president.” He tersely added “that’s how you do this,” or else “recruitment, inciting. . . cult-like leadership continues.”

Figliuzzi, a MSNBC national security contributor, failed to name any specific crimes that either Congressmen or Trump’s close allies might have committed. Instead, he simply implied that law enforcement action should be used as a deterrent against what he sees as right-wing extremsim. While there aren’t many who deny that the former President’s rhetoric played a role in what happened that day, neither him nor his political allies contributed directly to the violence. Furthermore, almost nobody has argued that Trump should be held legally accountable for the events of January 6.

In the days shortly following the riot, it was speculated that certain Congressional members such as Q-Anon supporter Marjorie Taylor Green might have given Capitol building tours to future rioters in advance of Jan 6, as assistance to their efforts. However, no evidence substantiating such claims has ever come out, including from the bipartisan Senate report that was conducted on the Capitol riot.

Figliuzzi is known as having previously attacked the Trump administration over ordering half-mast flags following the August 2019 El Paso shooting until the 8th. Figliuzzi claimed that the date of 8/8 is “very significant” to groups such as neo-Nazi’s and white supremacists. He added that he wasn’t suggesting that the decision was deliberate but was “an example of. . . ignorance” on the part of the Trump administration.

Author: Miranda Schmidt