David Hogg Castigated By “March for Our Lives,” See Why …

Fellow “March for Our Lives” founder Cameron Kasky reacted to David Hogg’s launch of a pillow company as “embarrassing.”

The Daily Mail reports that Hogg launched the pillow company as “a ‘progressive’ rival to right-winger Mike Lindell’s MyPillow.”

Hogg said, “Mike isn’t going to know what hit him — this pillow fight is just getting started.”

Kasky responded to the launch by tweeting:

Kasky also noted, “To those of you claiming I’m ‘jealous’ about the pillow grift, I was actually offered free shares as soon as I started tweeting about it. I just declined because while I’m kind of a grifter, I’m not that much of a grifter.”

The Daily Mail suggested Kasky was not alone in criticizing Hogg’s move, noting he “faced criticism…from other gun control advocates.”

Hogg responded to the criticism by tweeting:

Mike Lindell responded to Hogg’s announcement by indicating he welcomes the competition.

Author: AWR Hawkins

Source: Breitbart: March for Our Lives Cofounder on David Hogg: ‘Embarrassing’

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