Cuomo May Be Gone, But Another Predator Is Still On The Loose

New York’s Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo was browbeaten into resignation following an investigation which confirmed how he sexually harassed multiple women that he held power over, but what about the biggest Democrat fish in the ocean, President Biden?

Tara Reade, Biden’s famous accuser made renewed calls for an investigation of the President as well as those who protect him from facing justice in the same way as Cuomo.

Reade spoke to Fox News, slamming the #MeToo group ‘Time’s Up’ for their “hideous betrayal” of victims of sexual abuse as it was recently discovered that the organization’s chairwoman, Roberta Kaplan, actually advised Cuomo throughout the scandal rather than giving support to his accusers.

It was reported by Breitbart that New York’s Democrat Attorney General, Letitia James, signed off on a letter created by the Cuomo administration which attacked the credibility of Lindsey Boylan, Cuomo’s highest profile accuser.

Reade says that ‘Time’s Up’ not only gave up “survivors,” but did so in order to “protect their… powerful friends.” She added that the resignation of Cuomo is a good sign that warns “powerful men with nasty behavior” about what will happen to them, saying that it doesn’t matter if you’re a governor, or even “the president of the United States.”

Reade spoke about her experience during the 2020 presidential campaign in an op-ed. She said that she “was devastated” when ‘Time’s Up’ rejected her request for legal assistance and consultation. She had hoped that Biden would drop out of the race, and that justice would be brought to her abuser, but instead, the group that supposedly supports and protects women from predators decided to play politics.

Reade spoke out in March of 2020, sharing the story of when then-senator Biden sexually assaulter her while she worked as an aide to his office during the Clinton administration. Shortly afterward, she shared her account throughout multiple interviews and also filed a criminal complaint against Biden with the Washington D.C. police.

Reade’s brother and former neighbor have both made public statements of support for her and back that she told them about the assault in the 1990s. There’s also evidence that Reade’s mother made a call to Larry King to complain about the “problems” her daughter had with the senator.

Reade says that she has “hope for justice,” and added that “Cuomo resigned today… Biden should also.”

Author: Sherri Fox