CRT Completely Debunked By ‘Inconvenient’ Minority

A new book written by author Kenny Xu, feels that Asian American present an “inconvenient minority” to the progressive media because of the success of the racial minority community based on their merit. The broad presence of successful Asian Americans debunks critical race theory narratives that suggest that non-Whites are artificially limited due to systemic racism within the United States.

Kenny Xu told Fox News that the success of Asian Americans proves “that CRT is not true, cannot be true.” Adding that the Asian minority within the United States “never needed politics to succeed.”

Xu’s book examines the way in which Ivy League universities like Harvard actively discriminate against Asian Americans in order to maintain an arbitrary racial balance within their student body. The racist-based admissions process employed by elite institutions such as Harvard completely contradicts the narrative being pushed by leftist media, according to Xu.

Kenny Xu is the acting president of a nonprofit organization called Color Us Blind. The organization was created to counteract “those who want to divide America.”

Xu points out that if America were truly set up with systemic racism meant to put down racial minorities, then there’s no explanation for how Asian Americans “overtake Whites in education… and socioeconomic status,” as well as “test scores.”

Xu says that while Asian Americans do face a set of special problems, the narrative of CRT is completely wrong because the evidence of successful minorities contradicts the claim that all non-White Americans are subject to systemic racism which limits their opportunities.

Xu teamed up with another outspoken critic of CRT, James Lindsay, who wrote the book “Cynical Theories” about how the racist framework of CRT denigrates key American virtues such as talent, hard work, and earned success.

Xu says that the media is set on an agenda to promote “self-victimization” stories about minorities, but points out that Asian Americans are often left out of that picture because the economic status and education rates don’t match the narrative.

“It’s deliberate,” says Xu, adding that CRT “doesn’t have… room for Asians.”

Consequently, Xu believes that parents should be very concerned if they learn that CRT is being taught to their children in school. CRT attempts to undermine the basic concept of meritocracy, the path by which most Asian Americans found success, as they arrived to the country without any privilege, but managed to thrive today because they embraced American core values.

Author: Michelle Green