COVID Tyranny Doesn’t Stop America From Honoring Fallen Heroes

Norco, California. Hundreds of American patriots put on an impromptu parade with their horses, trucks and golf carts to honor the death of Lance Corporal Kareem M. Nikoui, one of the U.S. Marines who perished on August 26 in a terrorist bombing at the Kabul, Afghanistan airport while guarding fellow citizens and refugees as they fled the Taliban controlled country.

The memorial included a pancake breakfast fundraiser organized by the American Legion, who was able to raise $25,000 for the family. That Saturday night, hundreds bucked draconian COVID restrictions to come together in prayer and grieve the community’s loss.

Nikoui wanted to be a Marine from the time he was a young boy. Residents described how he would always challenge the largest person in the room during jujitsu sessions.

Phil Wozniak, pastor for the Grace Fellowship Church where the Nikoui family worships, said that the evening was in honor of “all 13… U.S. service members,” but added that primarily the community turnout was “because of Kareem.”

The L.A. Times reports that the town is outraged over Nikoui’s death, feeling that it didn’t have to happen. Most blame Democrat President Joe Biden and his military leaders.

Nikoui’s family agrees, with Kareem’s father, Steve Nikoui telling the Daily Beast that he holds President Biden responsible for his son’s death.

The Daily Beast reported that Steve Nikoui wishes to “respect the office” that the president holds, but confessed that he has little love for Biden. Nikoui, a Trump supporter, said that Kareem joined the military under the protective wing of the former president, he added that Trump would not have recklessly “[sent] people into harm’s way.” Steve Nikoui believes that Biden “turned his back on [Kareem]. That’s it.”

Shauna Chappell, Kareem’s mother, fire shots at Biden on social media following the president’s disgraceful behavior at the “dignified transfer” ceremony that was held at the Dover Air Force Base. For calling out the president, Instagram suspended her account.

Author: June Vega