Corruption Triangle — Who Is The Third Pillar In Biden’s Scandal?

According to emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop, there’s another party involved in the money shuffling scandal between Hunter and his father Democrat President Joe Biden. The third party was responsible for transferring funds between then-Vice President Biden’s bank account and that of Hunter Biden.

Better to specify the scandal, given that there are so many. This is all related to the Rosemont Seneca fraud case. Emails revealed that one Eric Schwerin, a business partner with Rosemont Seneca, was responsible for the delivery of funds between the bank accounts of Hunter and Joe Biden, shedding light of Joe Biden’s lie that he didn’t have any knowledge of his son’s overseas business dealings.

According to the report, the president may now be part of an FBI investigation as a probe is conducted into Hunter’s tax affairs.

Joe Biden has repeatedly denied that he discussed business ventures with his son Hunter, but past emails collected from Hunter’s laptop, which was abandoned at a computer repair store, never paid for, suggest that Joe Biden personally met with many foreign officials that had business dealings with Hunter. In one case at minimum, the meeting was organized by Hunter for the sake of business.

In 2010 on June 10th, Schwerin sent an email to Hunter asking about taking funds from Joe Biden’s account and placing it into Hunter’s. According to Schwerin, the vice-president owed his son some money. The email states that Joe’s Delaware tax refund had recently come into the account, and that Schwerin would be depositing it into Hunter’s account “since he owes it to you.”

The FBI is currently probing into Hunter regarding his “tax affairs.” Treasury Special Agent and former U.S. Intelligence Officer John Cassara told news outlets that the investigation might well expand into Joe Biden’s finances as well, and that the only reason the FBI hadn’t already involved Joe was that he is the standing president. Cassara said that the information in the case is “very worrisome… in the areas of corruption.”

Law professor Jonathan Turley of George Washington University weighed in on the report, saying that this case might be the first in a series of investigations that expose “an extensive influence-peddling operation.” Given the grave circumstances, Turley stressed that an independent report be written on the matter.

Author: Mitchell Washington