Cops Who Guarded Oscars Ceremony Speak Their Piece

The small number of Americans who chose to watch the Oscars ceremony probably noticed an endless torrent of rhetoric aimed at the police from award winners and presenters. In response to their ingratitude, representatives of the Los Angeles Police Department, the very people guarding the event, gave a sharp rebuke of the entertainment industry for their perpetuation of hatred against police.

They pointed out that just in the first third of this year, 450 people have been shot in L.A. marking a 73% increase over last year. They also explained that the majority of victims were young men, Black or Hispanic.

The statement from the Los Angeles Police Protective League Board of Directors said that “no one heard about this carnage” from the L.A. celebrities, nor were there “any protests or social media” upsets directed at movie stars for their role in every major city in the country exploding with violence. Rather, as they point out, there will only be “more blame directed at police officers.”

The statement adds that there “isn’t a mirror big enough” for the Hollywood elites to look at to examine their own role in “the glorification of guns, drugs, and crime.”

Sources who work closely with LAPD said that as many as 200 uniformed officers are typically sent to work at events such as the Oscars.

During the well guarded ceremony, Trayvon Free, co-director of “Two Distant Strangers,” criticized police by claiming that they are a deadly force which primarily kills black people. He claimed that the police “kill three people” a day, amounting to “a thousand people a year” who are “disproportionately. . . black people.”

Perhaps the supposedly murderous and racist cops should let the Oscars find their own security next time.

Author: Christine Armstrong

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