Contested State Uncovers The Ugly Truth Of The 2020 Election

A resolution to investigate the 2020 presidential election has been passed by the Wisconsin Assembly.

Biden took the state by a slim 0.63% of the votes, a margin of 20,682 amongst the 3.2 million cast ballots.

The resolution was passed without the approval of a single Democrat, but the Republican controlled chamber authorized the issuance of subpoenas, gathering of documents and compelled testimony.

Trump and many of his allies claim that there was voter fraud in the state, however, those claims got rejected by state and federal courts. The Supreme Court of the U.S. refused to hear the case, and the Associated Press reported that there were no problems found with the state’s voting machines.

After Trumps loss of the election, he repeatedly claimed that voter fraud and irregularities in ballots cost him the election, however, the recount of votes in Wisconsin, actually revealed that Biden won by more votes than originally reported. After the first recount, Biden picked up 257 more votes, and Trump received an additional 125 votes.

But Trump insisted that he won Wisconsin, claiming that vote counts in the state were showing “Tremendous discrepancy.” He added “essentially, I did win it. It’s very, very close.”

Author: Mark Holloran

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