Conservatives Shred Chris Wallace Over Gushing Biden Comments

Fox News’ Chris Wallace didn’t hold back when it came to praising Joe Biden’s inaugural address. The “Fox News Sunday” anchor called it one of the “best” that he’s “ever heard,” outraging conservative viewers.

After Biden’s inauguration ceremony, Wallace said he thought it was “a great speech” and the “best inaugural address I ever heard.” Quoting Biden’s “we must end this uncivil war” line from the speech, Wallace put the address right behind John F. Kennedy’s famous 1961 “ask not” address.

His accolades for Biden are in stark contrast to the comments he made about Trump’s inaugural address four years ago.

“This was Donald Trump seizing power, in the sense that there is a new sheriff in town,” Wallace said of Trump’s 2017 speech. “‘The American carnage must stop right here, right now.’ … This was the speech of an insurgent, the leader of a revolt that has won and taken control of Washington.”

Fox fans began ditching the network in droves after its 2020 election night coverage. Those who tuned into the station’s inauguration coverage quickly took to social media to complain about Wallace’s bias toward Biden.

“I flipped over to Fox News only to hear Chris Wallace said this was the ‘best Inaugural Address’ he’s ever heard,” Aaron Carpenter, a Republican city councilman in Marysville, Ohio, tweeted. “I was then reminded of the reason I stopped watching Fox News last November.”

Brigitte Gabriel, a New York Times bestselling author and former news anchor in the Middle East, called Wallace a “fake news HACK!” on Twitter. In a series of tweets, she called out Wallace’s comments and Fox News. She asked if Fox News was “even trying anymore?” and then wrote that Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan, John F. Kennedy, and Barack Obama were “all gifted orators and objectively speaking Biden is not” when discussing Wallace’s ranking of Biden’s address.

Talk-radio host and frequent Fox News guest Leo Terrell tweeted “Really???” about Wallace’s commentary on the inaugural speech. His followers agreed with his assessment calling Trump’s inaugural address far superior. “Biden should read a Trump speech and they’d all love it,” one Terrell fan wrote back.

Another wrote that Wallace showed his “leftist cards a long time ago.” Many reiterated that is exactly why they abandoned watching Fox News for Newsmax.

Some viewers weren’t surprised by Wallace’s adoration of Biden’s speech. One user called Wallace a “Trump hater.” Wallace has been known to spar with Trump. He had been tough in one-on-one interviews while Trump was in office. He pushed back after Trump touted passing a cognitive test at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, calling it “not the hardest test.”

The way Wallace handled Trump during the first presidential debate between Trump and Biden concerned many conservatives. At one point, it was Trump battling both Biden and Wallace.

The rift continued election night when Wallace blasted Trump for making an address at the White House, where he claimed he won several states that were still counting ballots. Wallace ripped Trump, claiming he “threw a match” into an “extremely flammable situation.”

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Author: Marisa Herman

Source: News Max : Conservatives Outraged Over Fox News’ Wallace Praise for Biden

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