Conservatives Celebrate Major Victory In War Against Big Tech

Former President Donald Trump in addition to a growing body of Republican candidates have started using Campaign Nucleus. The digital platform was created by Brad Parscale, a former Trump campaign manager. The network platform was created in March of 2016 to “protect” conservatives from “cancel culture.”

The website claims to be the only “automated digital ecosystem” specifically designed to “efficiently” manage the campaigns of individual politicians and organizations.

The platform provides campaign managers with a command center for tracking users, incorporating data sources and an event manager.

The website instructs pundits to “stop wasting time” on mainstream tech platforms for reaching their audiences, instead it says to “talk to people directly.

Campaign Nucleus can issue emails, text messages and provide statements to press and media. It can send mail via the U.S. Postal service as well. The platform claims to be “re-imagining ‘social’ media.”

Users of the site will be able to host virtual chats and town halls surrounding their candidates.

A source which was familiar with the website claimed that the social media portion of the site is “80% complete” and plans to launch in full force by the end of 2021.

The independent platform is “uncancellable” and has been used by Trump to send messages to journalists and supporters ever since his permanent ban from mainstream social media in January.

Trumps latest website sensation,, is powered by Nucleus technology.

The technology isn’t in reserve for Trump however, it is going to be used by conservatives and Republicans throughout the nation. The software integrates data from the Republican National Committee and the WinRed fundraising website.

The platform is preparing for it’s first mass application in the 2022 election cycle.

Author: Jen Atkinson

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