Conservative Legend Gets Exciting New Show

Candace Owens has teamed up with the Daily Wire to create a new talk show, “Candace,” which will debut on March 19th. The show will be hosted in front of a live audience in Nashville, the company’s new headquarters after relocating from Los Angeles.

Owens says that “Candace” will allow conservatives a new space in the mainstream culture.

She explains that the weekly show is going to “be light-hearted” and “hopeful,” adding that she believes that conservative voices have not been “allowed to be funny… likable… something so simple.”

The new political program’s format will follow a monologue by Owens, a guest interview and a closing panel discussion.

Daily Wire co-founder Jeremy Boreing has high hopes for the show, “When… Owens speaks, people listen,” he explained, then praising her as amongst “the most provocative and exciting… commentators of our time.”

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