Conservative ‘Conspiracy Theories’ Keep Getting Confirmed

Well wouldn’t ya know? Leftists are actually engaged in razing Portland to the ground and the Wuhan Lab leak theory is credible too!

However, over the past year and a half, the corrupt corporate tech giants and legacy media have been insisting that suggesting such things was to spread dangerous right-wing conspiracy theories.

Our tech overlords, with our best interests in mind of course, clamped down on free speech, especially about issues such as the lab leak theory and election fraud in 2020. They even went as far as to blacklist or ‘shadow ban’ individuals who spread such dangerous paranoia, all the while, bolstered by fake media backed by fake fact checking groups.

Well, two old ‘right-wing conspiracy theories’ have just been vindicated by the far left media, because the truth is too difficult to ignore. Progressive papers such as Washington Post, The Guardian, Vanity Fair, CNN, ABC, CBS, and NBC, have all been forced to account for Antifa and BLM’s violent takeover of Portland, Oregon as radical-leftist, better understood as domestic terrorists, literally take the city by siege.

For over a year these ‘news’ outlets claimed that the violence was perpetrated by deranged Trump supporters, or that conservative news was exaggerating the affair out of proportion, because of course, it was all a big right-wing conspiracy theory.

Then there’s the Wuhan Lab leak theory, which ivory tower elitists promised wasn’t the case. The serial liars knew exactly what they were hiding however, shutting down dozens of dissenting experts on all facets of the coronavirus, from mask effectiveness, to origins, to shutdowns.

I wonder what other ‘right-wing conspiracies’ will soon prove themselves to be too obvious to ignore. But the moral of the story is a very simple lesson; unless you like stuffing your own head with lies, ignore the mainstream media.

Author: Clark Poole