Congressional Veterans Go On Undercover Mission To Expose Biden’s Schemes

Representatives Seth Moulton (D-MA) and Peter Meijer (R-MI), who both served with the military in Iraq took a secret trip into Afghanistan on Tuesday to get a firsthand look at the situation following America’s 20-year war.

The duo issued a joint statement about their trip, explaining that their purpose was to “provide oversight” on the activities of the executive branch, adding that Afghanistan is where such oversight is needed most right now. They added that the mission was secretive so as not to cause disruption ahead of their arrival, and because the purpose was to gather intel, “not to grandstand.” The congressmen carefully selected a plane that had empty seats so as not to take the place of anyone who might lose one due to their presence.

Their on-the-ground report of Afghanistan is much worse than what’s been portrayed in mainstream media. They said that “Washington should be ashamed” for how bad of a situation it placed American servicemen in, adding that the remaining soldiers “represent the best in America.” They said that despite long hardship and having “been run ragged,” that they “are still running strong… their… dedication to duty… truly inspiring.”

Having assessed the situation directly, both Congressmen agreed that there’s no way that the evacuation will be completed by the August 31 deadline promised to the Taliban by President Biden, nor even, in their estimation, by September 11. They expressed how frustrating it is to be forced into a “relationship” with the Taliban given the circumstances, adding that meeting Biden’s deadline is impossible “no matter what we do.”

The two congressmen missed out on a critical House session where lawmakers voted on the massive $3.5 trillion budget resolution as well as a voting rights bill. Both congressmen used special pandemic provisions to cast their votes by proxy.

Without naming the congressmen, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) issued a statement discouraging representatives from travel to Afghanistan.

Despite the care taken by the former veterans to not occupy space needed by others, outlets such as the Washington Post slammed the pair for being “moronic” and “selfish,” and taking seats at the expense of others. The Post reported that the entire event was a stunt by the congressmen to get themselves “in front of the cameras.”

Author: Emma Boyd