Confused Joe Biden Doesn’t Know The Difference Between His Terrible Policies

The humor in Joe Biden’s mental decline is starting to wane as it becomes increasingly obvious that the so-called leader of the free world has no clue whatsoever about the goings-on in his own country.

President Joe Biden caused confusion when he mixed up two pandemic-era policies, telling reporters that the Justice Department would challenge his administration’s plan to end a controversial border rule.

Asked whether he was considering delaying the repeal of a rule that allows border officials to expel migrants immediately who cross the U.S.-Mexico border illegally, Biden responded as if he were answering a question about a judge’s decision this week to strike down a federal mask requirement.

Shortly after, the White House issued a note clarifying that Biden was speaking about mask mandates. A federal judge this week struck down the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s mask requirement on public transportation, a decision that the DOJ said it would be appealing.

“I was referring to the CDC’s mask mandate and there is no Department of Justice action on Title 42,” Biden said in a statement.

Biden’s principal deputy press secretary said Thursday that keeping the border rule in place isn’t up to the White House.

Jean-Pierre also insisted the CDC “must have the essential public health authority now and in the future.”

“The principle that public health decisions should be made by public health authorities, that is what is at stake right now,” she said.

What she fails to mention is what’s actually at stake. That federal agencies, whether they deal with public health issues or not, are not immune from the same checks and balances other federal entities operate under. They are not above the law.

The Biden administration is arguing for the CDC’s legal authority because they are eyeing their next domestic false flag catastrophe disguised as another “public health crisis.”

In other words, it’s only a matter of time before we’re under another lockdown due to “climate change” after the CDC determines bad weather is a public health crisis.

Both decisions have drawn media attention and public criticism, including from some Democrats.

Vulnerable Democratic incumbents and candidates have asked the president to delay the CDC’s decision to lift Title 42 until the administration has a plan in place to process the anticipated surge in border crossings.

Others have questioned why the administration is repealing the pandemic-era border rule on the grounds that COVID-19’s risks are waning while arguing that mask-wearing remains necessary to stop the virus from spreading.

Biden’s mix-up is the latest in a string of comments that have drawn confusion over important policy moves.

Earlier in the week, Biden said he believed that mask-wearing should be an individual choice, appearing to contradict the administration’s position that the CDC mask rule should hold.

Let’s face it: We have no leadership, no strength, and no guidance; only incompetence can be found in our current government. Let’s hope it changes soon.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth