Clinton’s Lawyer Caught Lying In Probe — Let’s Hope He Doesn’t Get ‘Epsteined’

An attorney that represented Hillary Clinton’s thwarted 2016 presidential campaign received indictment on Thursday for lying about who he was representing when speaking to law enforcement officials in 2016 and delivering the bureau information regarding Trump and Russia.

Reuters reported that the attorney in question is Michael Sussman a partner of Perkins Coie; and is known for representing the Democratic National Committee in relationship to the organization’s hack by Russia.

Sussman is accused of supplying false information during his September 19, 2016 meeting with then FBI General Counsel James Baker.

Reuters reports that Sussman is the second criminal investigation initiated by Durham since he was tapped by William Barr, the former Attorney General from 2019, to seek out U.S. officials who probed into Trump-Russia contacts.

The New York Times reported that according to James Baker, Sussman was responsible for offering information supplied by cybersecurity researchers who spotted some odd internet data they suspected may be evidence of covert communications between the Trump Organization and Alfa Bank, a known Kremlin-connected Russian finance institution. The New York Times adds that the F.B.I. dismissed the concerns, saying that they had no merit, and this matter was dropped by Robert Mueller for his final report as well.

What Sussman said to Baker during their meeting was that he wasn’t representing any client, but this was untrue, as the next year during a deposition before Congress, he admitted that he went to the meeting on the behalf of an unnamed cybersecurity client.

Sussman’s lawyers added to the New York Times report that they fully expect him to be indicted and claim innocence.

The indictment reads that Sussman’s lie misled the FBI General Counsel into believing that he was simply passing along information “as a good citizen” rather than operating as a “paid advocate” with political motive. But Sussman was caught representing several interests other than his own. He was secretly supplying the information at the behest of an unnamed U.S. technology executive, and Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Campaign.

The indictment reads that the “lie was material” due to the fact that he misled the FBI regarding “the political nature of his work,” which obstructed the FBI’s ability to fully assess the information provided, such as the motive and identity of Sussman’s clients.

Author: Nicholas O’Brien