City Residents Accept Their New Normal — Beg Robbers Not To Smash Their Windows

Robbery has gotten so bad in Democrat controlled Oakland and San Francisco, California that residents have started deliberately leaving their trunks open when parked to prevent thieves shattering their windows to force entry.

ABC 7 reports that in response to the “all too often” break-ins where smashed and shattered glass in people’s cars has become such a common occurrence and nuisance, that residents are “leaving their trunks open” hoping to be “spare[d]… the hefty bill to get it fixed.”

People have even taken to posting signs on their cars that say “Please Do Not Break Glass,” “Please Use The Door,” and “Nothing Inside!”

One witness, noticing a trunk left wide open, shared on social media how “sad” it was that people had to leave their cars cleaned out and unlocked in public just to avoid having their windows smashed in.

Drennon Lindsey, Oakland’s Deputy Police Chief confessed when asked about the matter, that “It doesn’t really surprise me.”

Garret Tom, a Former Deputy Chief from the San Francisco PD who spent a full 40 years on the police force, said that the situation has become so bad its like nothing he’s ever seen, adding that leaving trunks open as is becoming the trend is a “disaster.” He points out that criminals could easily steal car batteries, or access the glove compartment to get information on where the owner lives.

The San Francisco Police Department as reported a 32% increase in vehicle break-ins as well as a 25% increase in grand theft auto just in the past year. Oakland has seen similar increases, at 27% more than last year in each category.

Just last month, San Francisco experienced 3,375 larceny thefts, with the vast majority of those being car break ins. The SFPD’s Central District, which includes Chinatown and Fisherman’s Wharf, is the worst location for smash and grab thefts.

Recently, a family visiting San Francisco had their rental vehicle broken into while children were still inside of the vehicle. The perpetrator stole off with the visitor’s purse, computer, passports, and birth certificates belonging to the children, amongst other valuables.

Author: Eva Christensen