CIA & U.S. Troops Go Rogue — Rebel Against Biden To Serve Justice

Americans still trapped in Afghanistan following the August 31 pullout deadline are getting this message from President Biden: good luck. Those still trapped in the clutches of the Taliban’s new Afghanistan can try and send an email to the government for help, but Biden’s messaging is pretty clear, those people will be on their own. Biden is content and willing to leave Americans behind in the country, and his administration even admitted as much. Biden’s decision is meant not to anger the Taliban and also rests on complete trust in the terroristic regime not to commit human rights violations against our fellow Americans.

The Taliban recently set up checkpoints along routs to Kabul’s airport. The region is now blocked off and Americans can no longer reach the airport, instead, Taliban are confiscating U.S. passports and beating Americans who attempt to escape. Americans in the country are completely powerless to guard their own safety even as the country fills up with ISIS and al-Qaeda radicals. Every word of assurance uttered by Biden has been refuted by news outlets, to include even the most liberal. Biden simply doesn’t care.

Joe Biden, not able to multitask, is focusing what mental acuity he still possesses on getting people to obey Fauci. In the absence of a competent commander-in-chief, U.S. forces, what remains of them, alongside the CIA, are carrying out high-risk rescue operations in order to save as many Americans as they can.

The joint operation is using helicopters to ferry Americans to the airport since the Taliban has blocked all land routes. The missions are incredibly risky given the tension in the region. The CIA declined to comment on the operations, as they are not bound to disclose anything, but the military has different disclosure rules and so the Pentagon acknowledged the existence of the emergency evacuation flights. The flights are targeting American citizens, Afghans with special visas, and green-card holders, of which there are thousands who aided the U.S. military as interpreters, but now face retribution from the new Taliban regime.

As each day progresses, we learn more about how the Biden administration knew that this collapse was likely. Multiple intelligence memos and State Department documents reveal the incompetence of Biden’s withdrawal. Biden lied to European allies about the stability of the region. He seems to be incredibly behind on the real situation in Afghanistan, unable to keep track of the days, as he revealed on TV earlier this week. America is facing a true hostage crisis in the near future, with radical terrorists eager to milk ransoms from us. Thanks Biden.

Author: Angelo Sharp