Chuck Schumer Hilariously Blames Trump For Worker Shortage

Radical Democrat Chuck Schumer (NY), the Senate Majority Leader, passed the blame for America’s acute labor shortage on former President Donald Trump for having such an effective control of immigration during his time in office.

Schumer whined to reporters on Monday following a major leftist defeat handed by the Senate parliamentarian which forced the Democrats to drop their ‘pathway to citizenship’ language from the planned $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation. In that conference, Schumer blamed Trump’s “cut[ting] back on immigrants” for the current U.S. labor shortage.

Schumer argued that it’s imperative for America to fix its immigration system for both moral and economic reasons.

The lawmaker also said that it was “extremely disappointing,” “saddened me… frustrated me… angered me,” that the partisan policy was removed from the budget reconciliation. He made promises that for liberals “the fight continues.”

Schumer and Democrats like him on Capitol Hill have been working tirelessly with the Biden administration to stuff as many progressive items into the $3.5 trillion reconciliation fiscal bill as possible. One of the more controversial aspects was a green card and citizenship pathway provision that would have allowed an additional 8 million migrants into the country.

Their plans came up against a brick wall last weekend though, with Democrat senators Joe Manchin (WV) and Kyrsten Sinema (AZ) both signaling their disapproval and plans to block the massive spending plan over economic concerns.

On Sunday, Elizabeth MacDonough, the Senate Parliamentarian shot Democrats dreams out of the sky by determining that their “broad, new immigration policy[‘s]” inclusion in what is supposed to be a fiscal bill changed it substantially enough that it would not be able to clear the legislature using their reconciliation loophole.

Schumer was hoping to apply political pressure using the fact that the U.S. is enduring a major labor crisis, but the public isn’t stupid. The labor crisis was caused by Democrats, they made their bed, and now they can lie in it.

Attempting to connect Trump’s strong border policies with today’s labor shortage is absurd, and nobody is buying Schumer’s offer to just open the floodgates at the southern border as a solution.

Author: Evan Schultz