Chinese President Threatens America Right In Front Of Biden — Guess How He Responded?

Xi Jinping, China’s communist dictator, issued threats against America in front of Democrat President Joe Biden while the world leaders met Monday night. Xi threatened to “burn” the United States if any assistance is given to Taiwan’s efforts to remain independent.

According to the New York Times reporting of the meeting, the world leaders made pledges to improve cooperation but accomplished nothing in terms of breakthroughs despite meeting for over three and a half hours. The Times reports that the meeting was initiated by Biden, and reflects the administration’s concern that the ability to forestall a conflict in the Taiwan strait is diminishing. Biden repeatedly suggests that the U.S. can avoid direct military engagement with China despite the fact that our nation is in competition with Beijing and regularly rubs up against the communist nation over several significant issues.

Xi’s threats to Biden were over Taiwan, telling the president that to assist Taiwan with a continued independence was tantamount to “playing with fire,” and warned that if Biden continues to ‘play with fire’ that he will “get burned.”

Xi added that if Taiwanese independence forces cross the red line, that China is ready to take “resolute measures” in response.

China’s foreign minister also issued threats to Secretary of State Antony Blinken last weekend, warning that efforts to support Taiwanese independence will ultimately “boomerang.”

According to reports from The Wall Street Journal, Biden warned that the U.S. is committed to maintaining peace and the status quo in the Taiwan Straight, an implicit message that China should think twice before attempting a forced overthrow of the island.

According to China Central Television, a communist run State broadcaster, Biden promised not to support Taiwanese independence and didn’t wish to alter China’s system of government.

According to the White House, Biden confronted Xi over the known human rights abuses in China as well as their corrupt economic policies which are harming American workers.

Biden also discussed issues of climate change and global energy supply issues, as well as global public health matters. The two leaders also discussed international problem countries such as Iran, Afghanistan, and North Korea.

Author: Bruce Anderson