China Prepares To Conquer The Entire Globe, See how…

The Chinese communist regime is taking rapid and aggressive action to expand its international influence, all while threatening other militarily-powerful countries who would consider intervening against them. The U.S. is currently attempting to garner support from allies to push back against the Chinese government as they seek to expand their regime into a global empire.

As part of the 100th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party, President Xi Jinping threatened that any nation which interferes with their plans to dominate territories and other nations would be given “broken heads and bloodshed,” being crushed against “1.4 billion Chinese people.”

Xi is the overseer of a regime which has used thuggish tactics to cement power at home, cracking down on groups deemed to be undesirable to their future aims as well as outright dissenters.

China under Xi has also been charged with running a second Holocaust of Uighur Muslims, using a purpose-built system of forced labor, sterilization, and other human rights abuses that resulted in calls for sanctions against China from the U.S. government and other international groups.

The G7 international partnership said recently that they are “deeply concerned” that products such as textiles, solar components and agricultural goods are all being supplied through “state-sponsored forced labor.”

China is using aggressive action against several key territories right now, with no horizon in sight that would satisfy their imperial thirst. If the collective Western powers do not join rank in opposing China, then the country will continue to erode modern borders until they are too great to oppose.

In Hong Kong, China blatantly violated their agreement with the British empire after a “one country, two systems” deal was struck in 1997 with a 50 year sunset date to renegotiate the situation. Instead, China has entirely bypassed the agreement made by the former colonial-superpower and is implementing censorship and crackdowns against pro-democracy individuals within Hong Kong’s borders.

China lost control of Taiwan in 1949 after a civil war brought the region to independence, but despite international efforts to maintain Taiwan’s status, the Chinese government is increasing acting with aggression and has openly declared that they will use force if necessary to reclaim the territory. China also issues warnings to opposing power such as the U.S. to cease all international relations with Taiwan as they attempt to deny the country a voice on the world stage.

China is also expanding its claim into the southern seas and Africa, again, issuing threats to all who oppose them.

No ‘David’ has yet offered to take up the task of facing the Chinese Goliath.

Author: Scott Jefferson