China Prepares For War As Biden Projects Global Weakness

Shortly after the fall of Kabul and the collapse of 20 years of U.S. control of Afghanistan, the Chinese Communist Party controlled newspaper Global Times, which works under the party’s flagship news organization People’s Daily, wrote candidly about how the America is no longer willing or able to defend Taiwan when the time comes for a Chinese overthrow of the country.

The Global Times started by noting how quickly the Kabul government fell after a withdrawal of US troops, the flight disaster on the tarmac where desperate Afghans fell to their deaths, and the helicopter rescue from the presidential palace, that was shortly overtaken by the Taliban. It surmised that the events of the past several days amount to “a heavy blow” to the United States’ “credibility and reliability.”

The paper then recalled, as many pundits in America already have, the events of Vietnam, and the desperate evacuation of Saigon in 1975 after, as the Global Times puts it; “The US abandoned its allies.”

Then, brining the topic to Taiwan, the paper speaks about how officials in the country were shocked by the recent events, especially given their dependence on protection from China from the US. Taiwan, according to the Global Times, has continued down an “abnormal path” under the Democratic Progressive Party, which is the party that seeks further independence and autonomy from China, and opposes assimilation. The Times notes that the recent events in Afghanistan mark a “radical change” in US foreign policy and asks if this is an ominous foretelling of Taiwan’s fate.

The paper speculates that leaders in Taiwan must now be feeling “nervous” and telling themselves that they “[knew] better in secret” about how faithful the US truly is.

The paper states bluntly that once the war between China and Taiwan takes place, the U.S. will have to show “much greater determination” than was put up in “Afghanistan, Syria, and Vietnam…” if it wants to have any effect on the course of events. The paper then mocks the U.S. by stating that if America attempts to defend Taiwan, “Washington [will] pay a huge price” instead of “earn profit.”

The paper then warns “DPP authorities… secessionist forces” to “keep a sober head… wake up from [your] dreams” because what just happened in Kabul will happen when war starts in the Straits of Taiwan. It claims that the defense of the island will last mere hours with the U.S. abandoning the country.

Lastly, the paper suggests to the leaders of Taiwan that they get ahead of the inevitable and give in to assimilation with China, abandoning the “anti-Chinese mainland chariot” that is the United States.

Author: Ben Castillo