Capitol Hill Soldiers Poisoned — Guess Who’s To Blame?

A National Guard staff sergeant from Michigan whose identity will remain withheld reported that over a dozen service members have been hospitalized after consuming undercooked food. Over 70 meals were found to contain undercooked meat, and many found metal shavings in their food.

The sergeant added that the quality of provided meals wasn’t the only problem, as the soldiers were frequently being underfed. Elaborating that some days all they would receive for a meal might be “a dinner roll and Sunny D” or “a danish and some sort of juice.”

After receiving the raw meat for dinner, they were instructed not to eat the meals for two days, instead, soldiers are expected to pay for their own food.

The National Guard describes the meal situation as unacceptable and concerning. The meals were part of a contract with D.C. National Guard to provide food to the 1000 members of the Michigan National Guard.

The National Guard will remain stationed at the U.S. Capitol until March 12th.

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