Cancel Culture ‘Militants’ Pick Their Next Target — And It Might Include You

Celebrity and performer Justin Bieber fell under attack for something you won’t believe. The radical ‘woke’ left set Bieber in their sights for his choice of haircut: dreadlocks.

Bieber revealed his new look on Instagram last Monday, taking flak for his new ‘do’ after critics accused him of committing the social crime of ‘cultural appropriation’ and ‘racial insensitivity.’

USA Today reported that Bieber has said in the past that he’s “very influenced by black culture,” however, many on social media weren’t pleased with his new appearance.

Bieber, now 27, just released his latest album “Justice” in March.

In June of last year, Bieber claimed that his “style,” to include his dance movements, lyrics, and dress were all “inspired by black culture.”

Bieber said on Instagram that he is “committed” to using his work and celebrity position to expose “racial injustice and systematic oppression.” But this clearly isn’t sufficient for the activist mob he seeks to please.

Stephanie Cohen, co-founder of the natural hair organization Halo Collective, spoke to The Guardian, telling them that seeing white people wearing black hairstyles “makes me angry.” She says that it’s wrong to wear a hairstyle that’s “so historically significant” without embracing the “struggles” that the hairstyle represents.

Cohen added that Bieber has “no right” to wear any ethnic hairstyle, to include dreadlocks because he is white.

Author: Amber Sutton

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