Call For Help In This City And You’ll Get a Shrink Not a Cop

Mayor Lori Lightfoot, the defamed leader of crumbling Chicago, IL has found the worst possible solution to the city’s mounting problem of violence and crime. Instead of sending cops in response to 911 calls, mental health professionals, accompanied by paramedics will be sent as the first responders.

The Chicago Times reports that the new programs will send a mental health clinician paired with a paramedic for “behavioral health calls.” Alternatively, a “recovery specialist” might be sent with a paramedic for calls related to substance abuse.

The restructure attempt comes as Chicago bleeds its police force by the hundreds, with record numbers of retirements or outright quitting amongst law enforcement personnel.

The loss of police accompanies the worst year in homicides and shootings, with numbers that haven’t been this bad in over 20 years.

Shooting victims for 2020 jumped to 4,033, a sharp rise of the numbers in 2019 of 2,598.

Optimistic mental health clinicians believe that the new arrangement will be able to help offset the losses on the front line, as well as casualties as they will be available at 911 centers at all times to monitor situations.

There has yet to be any explanation or demonstration for how the new first responders plan to de-escalate the violent episodes that often accompany such calls.

The Chicago Times calls the new program a “public health approach” to 911 response, with Lightfoot’s policy advisor of public safety, Alex Heaton explaining that they are “super excited” about the new program. Heaton proudly called the “brand new workforce” an “exciting opportunity.”

The plan is to rollout the new response teams in August, shortly following a visit to the city by President Biden, who failed to notice or address the epidemic of gun violence occurring in one of the most anti-Second Amendment cities on the planet.

Heaton said that he expects the program will be able to provide people in crisis with help that they need right away, rather than first spending time in police custody.

Author: Kenneth Pierce