Border Agents Get Vengeance After Hearing What Kamala Said About Them

Border Patrol agents are upset for being misrepresented by the leftist mainstream media and Vice President Kamala Harris who have lied about the agents’ use of whips to apprehend and control massive waves of migrants at the southern border.

One Border Patrol agent, whose identity is not given for protection, called Washington officials “idiots” for criticizing the agents behavior without knowing the full truth of the situation.

Reuters published a picture on Twitter and called an ordinary horse rein, a typical piece of hardware for horseback riding, a “whip-like cord” in order to mislead the less educated public into thinking that the reign was being used against people, rather than for its normal purpose of guiding the horse through tough terrain.

A Breitbart correspondent that works with border patrol, Brandon Darby, tried to clear up the situation and the truth about the incident. He pointed out that from one camera angle, the unaware might see a ‘whip-like cord’ but a second picture of the same scene better reveals the cord’s location, “not whipping migrant.”

Without so much as seeing the misleading image herself, Kamala Harris was quick to criticize the law enforcement agents at the border, saying that their methods of handling the migrants “troubled” her and that “human beings should never be treated that way.”

A CNN analyst, formerly an FBI Special Agent was also apparently duped by the reign. He must have no familiarity with basic horse-riding equipment, and demanded answers for who might be responsible for giving the Border agents whips in the first place.

Massive increases in migrant activity at the border has forced Border Patrol agents to work extended hours and days. Del Rio, TX is quickly becoming the epicenter of the border crisis with 15,000 people corralled under an overpass without sufficient shelter, supplies or even enforcement.

Even Democrats are turning on Biden and his administration for failing to manage the border crisis by this point. Harris’s attempt to throw Border Agents under the bus is just a lame attempt to deflect from her own failure to get a grip on the situation.

Another anonymous agent said that the politicized coverage of their work at the border is evidence of “what absolute idiots [Washington officials] are.”

Author: Rudy Simpson