Bombshell COVID Confession Dropped By CDC Director

Dr. Rochelle Walensky, head of the Centers for Disease Control, admitted on ABC’s “Good Morning America” that the “overwhelming” majority of deaths amongst vaccinated individuals comprise those who have a minimum of four comorbidities.

Walensky, responding to questions about recent CDC guidance that suggests that exposed individuals need only isolate themselves for five days, a dramatic decrease from earlier suggestions, said that “isolation in the context of people who’ve had a positive test” comes from scientific data that suggests that peak infectious output occurs “one to two days before your symptoms and… two to three days after your symptoms.” She said that because it’s impossible to know that you have COVID before getting symptoms, the best suggestion is to wait five days after your symptoms have passed, a buffer beyond the known infection rate of two to three days. Walensky added that the recommended period leaves “the vast majority of your contagiousness… behind you.”

Walensky recommended that individuals who have recently contracted COVID should wear a mask and avoid “visiting grandma” for the five days following relief of their symptoms.

Walensky also weighed in on suggestions she’d heard of individuals using home tests or antigen tests following their five day quarantine period. She said that doing so was an “extra step,” suggesting that she didn’t believe it’s necessary or even recommendable.

The most interesting part of the interview came when Walensky was asked about the effectiveness of vaccines, and the new belief that the virus will probably exist in perpetuity. Walensky suggested vaccines, but pointed out a study that revealed how 78% of deaths in vaccinated individuals come from those who suffer from four or more comorbidities.

“The overwhelming number of deaths… 75%, occurred in people who had at least four comorbidities… these people… were unwell to begin with,” said the doctor. She added that she felt “encouraged” by the figures in relation to vaccines.

The study in question, carried out by the CDC, claims that of 1,228,664 individuals who received “primary vaccination” between Dec 2020 and Oct 2021, COVID-19 fatalities occurred at a rate of 0.0033%. The majority of vaccinated deaths were amongst the elderly, 65 and older, who were immunosuppressed and had as many as six other underlying conditions.

On Sunday, Walensky spoke with Fox News’ Bret Baier, explaining that of America’s 800,000+ COVID deaths, the majority were “with COVID” as opposed to strictly being “from COVID.” Walensky told Baier that as the pandemic has progressed, tracking of deaths caused by COVID and those which are simply coincidental is getting better.

Author: Kelly Morgan