BLM Militants Storm Restaurant — What Happens Next Stuns Everyone

An unbelievable interaction occurred at the Kentucky Derby last Saturday after BLM protestors came head-to-head with restaurant diners. It all started when armed BLM ‘activists’ stormed the patio where customers were enjoying a meal at an upscale restaurant called La Chasse.

Employees called 911 and informed dispatchers that numerous protesters had trespassed on the property and entered the restaurant. The protesters were doing everything possible to bring attention to Breonna Taylor, a woman whose death last year involved the police.

A reporter from the Louisville Courier-Journal happened to be in attendance and recorded the entire situation. Scream and shouts erupted as protestors and customers clashed. One BLM protestor was armed with what appears to be a rifle, but is obviously surprised when an elderly diner pulls a pistol out and takes aim.

You can see the video below.


Author: Madison Blakely

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