BLM Leader Caught Doing The Unthinkable

A BLM ‘Activist’ in the city of Boise, Idaho was arrested for vandalizing one of the city’s most beloved statues, that of Abraham Lincoln.

The 37-year-old man was later identified as Terry Joe Wilson. Authorities arrested Terry late on Tuesday after a warrant for his arrest was issued earlier in the week. The Idaho Statesman first covered the story.

Wilson claimed to be an associate professor at the local Boise State University, but the school dismissed these claims as complete falsehood. Wilson is, however, a ‘chapter spokesman’ for the Boise BLM movement.

The beloved Lincoln statue was defamed with feces, spray paint and lewd signs, all thanks to Mr. Wilson’s efforts. Parks and recreation employees were given the unfortunate task of cleaning up Wilson’s mess. Thankfully, their efforts were well-rewarded, as the statue of the former president did not sustain any permanent damage.

When officers finally found Wilson, he fled from the scene. Officers eventually caught up to him though, and were surprised to find drug paraphernalia, marijuana and a firearm among Mr. Wilson’s possessions.

This isn’t Wilson’s first run-in with the law either, and it probably won’t be the last. In August of 2020, Wilson and other local Black Live’s Matter ‘activists’ held a ‘demonstration’ outside the home of a local lawmaker. During this demonstration, Wilson and others drew homicide investigation chalk lines outside the lawmaker’s house. The not-so-veiled threat did not go over well with lawmakers, or police.

For his latest crimes, Wilson has been charged with numerous misdemeanor counts, and will likely spend some less than enjoyable time in jail thinking about what he’s done.

Author: Thomas Smith

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