BLM Founder Directly Inspired By Communists

A resurfaced video of Patrisse Cullors, one of the co-founders of the Black Lives Matter movement, shows the young activist promoting a book which she compared to the ‘red book’ issued by the infamous Mau Zedong, a legendary piece of communist propaganda.

During her 2010 speech, Cullors highlighted a book called “The 7 Components of Transformative Organizing Theory.” She describes the story of a student who approached her and compared it with Mao’s ‘red book’ to which she excitedly agreed.

Chairman Mau was the communist revolutionary and leader who oversaw China’s infamous “Great Leap Forward”, a policy that caused the death of over 4 million people by starvation in the late 50’s to early 60’s. His ‘red book’ was the propaganda pamphlet which asserted Mao’s authority and grandiosity following the catastrophic aftermath of his failed communist policies.

The particular piece Cullors was promoting is authored by the radical leftist activist Eric Mann, who has expressed sympathy with the communist movement. In 2017, Mann wrote an article for the Huffington Post in which he expressed his deep admiration for Soviet Russia, calling the Soviet Union “a critical part of our revolutionary future.”

Cullors is unabashed about her history with Marxist ideology, she said in June of 2020 that her and fellow co-founder of BLM, Alicia Garza, are “trained Marxists.”

Author: Jill Harris

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