Bisexual Superman ‘Comes Out’ Faster Than a Speeding Bullet

Is nothing sacred anymore? Just when you thought the left couldn’t get any more clinically insane, they have to go and do something like this, that leaves people everywhere wondering what the Hell this world is coming to. Apparently, DC thought it would be a good idea to mess with the story of one of the most beloved super heroes of all time, the Man of Steel. In an announcement that shocked the nation, it was announced by DC that the son of Clark Kent and Lois Lane, Jonathan Kent, is going to be a bisexual, and that he will engage in a relationship of the same-sex in the television show.

DC writer, Tom Taylor, said in an interview in a piece from Monday that was published in the New York Times, that he felt that it would be a missed opportunity to replace the great Clark Kent with someone who was just another white savior that was straight.

The writer further states that he felt the new age Superman should have fights that are new, and are associated with problems in the real world, so that he would be able to stand up as a true man of power, an one of the most powerful man in the world.

Taylor went on the explain Kent’s interest a bit more, as he will be sharing a kiss in an episode that comes up next month. His romantic interest is Jay Nakamura, a journalist on the cusp of his career that has his own abilities that are special.

The DC writer says that jay is one of the only people in the life of Jon that he’s not constantly having to protect. He said he wants the relationship to be equal and supportive for both of them.

The writer also added that he thinks everyone needs a hero, and they should be able to see themselves in the heroes that are on the big screen. He says that for a large number of people, having the superhero that’s the strongest of them all come out as LGBTQ+ is an incredibly powerful move.

For anyone who isn’t familiar with Jonathan Kent, he was introduced back in 2015. He spent many years simply being labeled as Superboy, before Clark Kent, the original superman, encouraged him to take on his role as the great Superhero.

Author: Larry Elder