Big Tech Launches Censorship Campaign To Hide This Embarrassing Fact

Twitter has gone on a blacklisting frenzy recently, blocking an account that was providing courtroom updates on the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell, the late Jeffrey Epstein’s associate, who has been accused of sex trafficking minors. Twitter helped the powers that be shut out the public in a move that enraged users. The purge of anonymous accounts is part of new Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal’s agenda to control public conversation.

Another account Twitter nixed was a clever investment portfolio tracker that traced investments made by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The account alleged that Pelosi is guilty of insider trading, and offered followers the ability to trace her steps.

The account which updated the public on Maxwell’s trial had a whopping 500,000 follower audience prior to its suspension. The Pelosi investment tracker boasted over 200,000.

These purges came on the heels of several other bans of popular conservative accounts, which Agrawal has mercilessly purged as unfit for the site.

The Pelosi investment tracker cleverly presented itself as a way to get sound investment advice, noting the abnormally high success rate of the Speaker’s investments.

Agrawal has said in several interviews with mainstream media that free speech is no longer a consideration on the platform. He said that Twitter is not “bound by the First Amendment” and therefore the company’s decisions will now focus primarily on creating “healthier public conversation.”

Obviously, voices that disagree with his leftist mindset are all considered ‘unhealthy’ and must be purged.

Agrawal added that the platform needs to “focus less on… free speech” and more on “how the times have changed.”

So there it is in naked terms. Twitter is now a simple propaganda bludgeon for the left to use with whimsy. They will stop at nothing to silence any and all opposition to the Democrat agenda.

Author: Clara French