Biden’s Slip Of The Tongue Reveals His Next Big Target — And It’s a Doozy

Joe Biden held a town hall recently on the nation’s favorite but fading misinformation network, and during a Q&A session let slip that he intends to ban 9mm handguns nationwide.

Biden isn’t stopping at the tired effort of an assault weapons ban here, he literally says that he’s going to eliminate “9mm pistol[s].”

He bragged that “I’m the only guy” that managed to pass an assault weapons ban back in 1994. Then Biden went on to ridicule that people “need a weapon” with the capability of firing “20, 30, 40…. 120 shots… wherwherwher whether it’s a 9mm pistol… whether it’s a rifle… ridiculous.” He then finished his awkward statement with a promise to “eliminate the sale” of such objects in America.

While it’s still an open question wherwherwher whether Biden’s speaking about banning 9mm handguns themselves or if it was a remark about high capacity magazines, we aren’t yet entirely sure. There are many pistols that have factory issued magazines holding an excess of 20 rounds and popular aftermarket magazines which hold 30 or more.

While most defensive handguns’ capacity sits around an average of 15-17, the liberals likely see no difference in their disarmament plan. Gun control freaks like Biden will adhere to the arbitrary ‘magic bullet’ number of 10 round limits such as those existing in more enlightened states such as New York, Maryland, California, and elsewhere.

Liberal demagogues hold the ignorance of the disarmed masses against them, persuading them that there’s no good reason for having ‘high capacity’ magazines, but at least 8 million new gun owners in America are likely to be wising up to that idea now.

The Progressive politicians hate guns because it checks their power, knowing that the American people can defend themselves from tyranny and oppression. That’s the endgame of the gun control party, that’s why they continue to close the window on the God given right to self defense, affirmed by the Second Amendment. First they came for the ‘assault’ weapons, next they came for 9mm handguns.

Biden admitted that the gun control plan he has in mind will probably not get past GOP opposition, but highlighted how his administration is using executive orders to contort existing laws against gun-owners as far as he can stretch them.

Author: Jennifer Rhodes