Biden’s Slip Of The Tongue Reveals a Terrifying Truth

President Biden recently let slip the contents of his mind on Thursday while addressing the press on the coronavirus pandemic. He referred to to Vice President Kamala Harris as “president Harris.”

His latest mental stumble arrived while in the middle of explaining that he believes minorities have hade a disproportionately rough time from the pandemic’s effects, and pressing the importance of delivering vaccine to those communities.

“The hardest hit have suffered the most…” he redundantly stated, then rattling off a few minorities. Biden then described a “virtual tour” that he and “President Harris” took of a vaccination clinic in Arizona, finalizing his comment with a paraphrased quip “each shot was like… a dose of hope.”

The President did not catch or correct his verbal blunder.

Back in December, he mistakenly referred to Harris as “President-elect Harris.”

In September, Harris herself slipped when describing the “Harris administration” during a virtual economic meeting, then correcting herself by adding “together with Joe Biden as the president…”

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