Biden’s Refusal To Answer Question Lands Him In a World Of Trouble

The press pool for the white house just filed a complaint against the President of the United States, Joe Biden, after her has refused to answer any questions from the American media on the string of crises that have more than erupted under his rule in the White House.

The complaint came to Biden as he met with Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minister, inside the oval office. Biden was meeting with the prime minister after he angered the British politicians with his total botched withdrawal from Afghanistan.

New reporter for CBS, Ed O’Keefe, said that the press was there when Biden met with Boris Johnson, and that they tried to ask questions. While Johnson answered roughly three questions, aides for the White House kept shouting and attempting to get an answer from Biden on any of their questions but they were ignored. Someone tried to ask about the southern border, but wasn’t able to decipher anything that Biden said in response.

The President of the White House Correspondents’ Association, Steven Portnoy, released a statement and said that they filed a complaint Jen Psaki, t he secretary of the White House.

The entire U.S. pool’s editorial component immediately went to Jen Psaki’s office after the even to formally complain about Biden. It says that American reporters were completely ignored and no recognized.

Psaki was her usual, unhelpful self, claiming that she wasn’t in any sort of position to come up with a solution in the short term, and had no idea that any sort of even had even occurred.

Portnoy made a request of Biden to hold a press conference to help make up for his continual ignoring of American reporters and their questions, but Psaki simply responded that Biden answers questions multiple times a week and would not be holding any sort of formal press conference.

Biden’s hatred and refusal to ask questions is a running theme in his Presidency, and one that is going to land him in the dog house if he doesn’t straighten up. Biden is already facing the consequences on social media, where reporters from all around the country vented their frustrations about the lack of transparency within the Biden Administration.

Author: Cody Jackson