Biden’s Next Speech Leaks: Everyone In America Should Be Afraid Right Now

President Joe Biden will address a joint Congress on April 28, his 100th day in office. Part of his speech will involve his opinion on police and the courts.

Biden believes that right now “the bar is too high” to convict a police officer of wrongdoing, and he intends to try and push for legislative change which supports this opinion.

The recent conviction of former Minneapolis officer Derek Chauvin brought national attention to the Justice in Policing Act, a bill which would outright abolish the use of chokeholds in arrests.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki told the press that Biden had already discussed the legislation with lawmakers such as the Congressional Black Caucus.

She announced that Biden has “every intention” of using his April 28 address to “elevate this issue” and push for enacting new “police reform measures.”

Psaki also mentioned that Biden believes that it is too difficult right now to convict police officers and would seek to make it easier for police officers to be held liable for their work.

Author: Merideth Day

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