Biden’s Mental Decline On Full Display — But It Wasn’t Joe This Time

Jill Biden, the First Lady of the United States, attempted to bridge the language gap between herself and her Mexican audience by speaking in their native language. However, she failed miserably, flubbing a basic three word sentence.

Jill Biden spoke to farmworkers on Cezar Chavez’s birthday, a progressive labor leader and activist. She attempted to say ‘Yes we can,’ by pronouncing “SI se pwadueh,” however, as the RGA Deputy Communications Director Joanna Rodriguez pointed out on Twitter, “It’s ‘Si se puede’.”

Journalist Dania Alexandrino, a native Spanish speaker called it “Se se what???” She also pointed out that if she had gotten the last word correct, the message still would have been “yes you can!” not “yes we can.”

Some mocked Jill Biden, comparing her to former First Lady Melania Trump, who they pointed out was a supermodel who spoke five languages.

Commentators and journalists were also quick to point out that the flag behind her bore resemblance to Nazi imagery. The flag is that of the United Farm Workers of America, and was designed by Cezar Chavez’s brother. According to Smithsonian Magazine, the flag was inspired by “cigarette boxes and Nazi flags” with the designer concluding that “red, black and white” were “the most potent color combination.”

Christian Datoc, a White House correspondent asked how “FLOTUS staffers” could have imagined that “it was a good idea to put [the First Lady] in front of. . . a giant Nazi eagle.”

Author: Bob Neal

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