Biden’s Impeachment Is Officially Underway — Here’s The Timeline

Representative Bob Gibbs (R-OH) filed three impeachment articles against Democrat President Joe Biden citing his mishandling of Afghanistan, failure to secure the southern border, and his illegal albeit defunct federal eviction moratorium.

Gibbs spoke on the record stating that this isn’t an effort to get attention and defending the impeachment as something he’s taking very “seriously… I don’t think it’s haphazard.” Gibbs said that the impeachment is justified in light all of the “damage” Biden has caused in his short 9 months in office so far.

One of the most compelling reasons for impeachment that Gibbs listed is the fact that Biden is not a competent commander-in-chief, which was noted by Gibbs as “obvious.” He also said that impeachment articles would get the attention of the White House to make them recognize that there’s consequences for their policies.

The impeachment articles are cosponsored by Republican Representatives Andy Biggs (AZ), Randy Weber (TX), and Brian Babin (TX). Gibbs said that their work on the impeachment resolution started before the chaos in Afghanistan last month, and therefore the resolution’s emphasis is on Biden’s failures at the border and with his unconstitutional laws.

The border crisis, which has remained as one of the most enduring problems in American history since the beginning of Biden’s term, received renewed attention this past week as thousands of illegal aliens flooded across the Rio Grande near Del Rio. Federal Agents created a makeshift pen to round up the large number of migrants underneath an overpass without water or shelter, creating a humanitarian crisis.

Over half of the country’s governors all co-signed a message to the White House at the beginning of the week telling Biden to crack down on the illegal immigration and secure the border.

Biden’s illegal eviction moratorium was tossed out by the Supreme Court in August, even the White House declared the law unconstitutional before they decided they needed it. When the moratorium was set to expire, Biden’s language softened on the matter and he said that he “can’t tell” if the law were unconstitutional, but was sure that extending it would buy enough time to tell.

Gibbs said that while it’s not likely that Biden could be impeached with Democrat control in both chambers, he defends the articles as important because they “kind of [put] them on notice,” and remind Democrats that at some day in the future, they will face accountability.

Author: Ryan Benson