Biden’s ‘Green’ Agenda Hits Americans Where It Hurts

President Biden is on a power trip and can’t seem to get through a day without issuing at least one edict to please his radical leftist supporters. Running his campaign as a ‘moderate’ Democrat, he seems to have made a hard switch to extremism now that he wields power. His latest whimsy in the name of progress is to force a radical shift to electric vehicles, targeting a U.S. composition that is at least 50% EV’s within the next ten years.

President Biden set a new target as of Thursday that accelerates the adoption of electric vehicles, making demands that half of new auto sales must be EV’s by the year 2030. The target has the support of companies such as Ford Motor, General Motors, and Stellantis, which was formerly Fiat Chrysler. The automakers are expected to promise on delivering between 40% and 50% new EV’s by the target date.

Of course, these auto companies are appeasing the government because they know that their biggest customer will be the feds by the time 2030 rolls around.

The largest automaker on the planet, however, has remained notable quiet about the recent optimistic promises. Toyota has warned that first-world power grids aren’t yet capable of powering that many electric vehicles, and even Elon Musk, the pioneer of the new electric car has said the same.

Toyota and Tesla are of course, not opposed to EV’s, but they have a realistic expectation of how quickly EV adoption can take place and an understanding of what steps are required to reach that point. Our power grids will need to be drastically overhauled and upgraded in order to accommodate so many EV’s, and who’s going to pay for it? Even Biden’s latest massive infrastructure bill doesn’t come close to addressing the degree of improvement that would be required.

But Biden isn’t stopping at promoting EV’s, he’s also set his sights on standard internal combustion vehicles, announcing that the federal government will soon adopt California’s brutal economy and emission standards.

But these draconian regulations are the very reason that gas is so much more expensive than in other states. Today’s gallon of gas will run you $4.38 in California, compared with $2.84 in Texas or $3.22 in New York. Why would the ‘moderate’ Democrat Biden want to spike your rate at the pump?

Biden wants to force the transition to electric vehicles by making gas painfully unaffordable.

The proposed national standard directly affects the pocketbooks of America’s most disadvantaged and vulnerable, those who can’t afford new cars thanks to a combination of stagnant wages and a relative increase in new vehicle’s cost thanks to those tough EPA requirements.

But what does it matter to Democrats whether or not Americans must slave harder just to drive to work? After all, this is in the name of progress.

Author: Marcus Stephens