Biden’s Gag Order Blown: Leaked Photos Reveal All

Photos have been leaked of Biden’s failed migrant holding facilities. The pictures show children packed in rooms separated by clear dividers, as a weak attempt at appearing to be taking the coronavirus pandemic seriously.

Each of the rooms is intended to have a 260 person occupancy, according to Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX), who released the photos to the press. However he said that one pod was crammed with over 400 young unaccompanied boys.

The photos were released from a facility in the Rio Grande Valley Sector, which was reported to have suffered such a surge in traffic that they began releasing illegal aliens into the U.S. without scheduling a court date.

The New York Times described the living conditions at the facilities as “akin to jails”, where people suffer “horrific conditions” and are subjected to “disease, hunger and overcrowding.”

Border Patrol informed Fox News that the unaccompanied minors at this facility are not part of the primary unaccompanied minor disaster on Biden’s hands. As of Saturday, the government has possession of 15,000 unaccompanied children.

Former President Donald Trump condemned Biden’s failed policies, targeting his gag order on border agents, he suggested that Secretary Mayorkas “should be the subject of an immediate… investigation.”

Trump also called for the construction of border barriers, which were never completed during his term. “They must… complete the wall… they should never have stopped it.”

Trump finally warned that “Our Country is being destroyed!”

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