Biden’s FBI Starts Seizing Lego Sets — You Can’t Make This Up

Biden’s crowning glory, his (FBI) Federal Bureau of Investigation, did not come home empty handed after visiting the home of an alleged Jan 6 ‘Rioter.’ Oh no. They skipped back to the White House with a fully constructed set of Legos that are… wait for it… a replica of the United States Capitol. According to a court filing from last week at least. That’s right, our taxpayer-funded, combat-trained agents are now seizing Lego sets.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette alleges that Mr. Robert Morss, who is a social studies teacher and Lego lover, apparently engaged in behavior that was deemed violent during the riot.

A video shot during the riot show Mr. Morss at the front of a line of rioters that somehow managed to push past Capitol police. He was allegedly part of a “shield wall” during the attack on officers somewhere in the Lower West Terrace tunnel. He, with others, then allegedly entered the building through a window that was broken, according to the FBI.

During the video, Mr. Morss can be seen reaching for an officer’s baton and doing his best to rip it away, according to an FBI affidavit.

Mr. Morss is also seen reaching his arm through a crowd and grabbing hold of a fence that an officer was holding to keep the growing crowd back. He then ripped the fence from the officer’s hands with the added assistance of other rioters. After that, he was see running back into the crowd with the fence.

The court documents, which were filed on July 2nd, pushed for Morss’ detainment until trial, thanks to the Department of Justice, which is why officer entered Mr. Morss’ house and stole his beloved Lego set.

At the time of his arrest, law enforcement officers uncovered clothing and other items that appear to be similar to those he had with him on the day of the event. Some of the items include a neck gaiter, a “Don’t Tread on Me” flag, military fatigues, a black tourniquet and a military utility bag.

The crowning jewel of the search and seizure of course was Morss’ fully-constructed United States Capitol Lego Set. They also took some firearms from the home, but come one, the real tragedy is no doubt the Legos.

One media outlet stated that it was unclear why Mr. Morss even had the Lego set. Because apparently, it’s a crime now to enjoy Legos.

It’s one of the most expensive sets on the market, too, and will cost you a pretty penny on amazon at a whopping $266.95.

President Biden repeated promised to not let politics drive the administration of justice in this country, but countless people are being arrested for behavior that was non-violent or destructive during the Capitol Hill riot. Many say that the capitol rioters are being persecuted against and prosecuted more viciously than leftist rioters that wreaked havoc across the entire nation during the last year’s unrest.

Who knows what the truth is. One thing is for sure though, the FBI must really enjoy playing with Legos.

Author: Linus Leeper