Bidens ‘Easter’ Message Is Teeming With Threats, Forgets One Key Thing

President and First Lady Biden released a video for Easter Sunday, that made reference to the New Testament, Pope Francis, and God, but failed to mention Jesus.

The Easter video was released using the president’s official Twitter account, during his speech he directed the speech toward a political agenda, calling on Americans to get vaccinated. He called the vaccine “a moral obligation,” and claimed that Pope Francis felt the same way. He told his audience that the only way to reach “the day. . . we can celebrate. . . holidays together,” was to get everyone vaccinated.

Biden also emphasized that many people continued to experience hardship because of the pandemic, saying “the virus is not gone.”

He said that for many, Easter was being celebrated “without familiar comforts of the season,” as people experienced “a second year. . . apart from their families.”

Perhaps the president is unaware, but most American families have been together for holidays throughout the pandemic with no ill-effect. I’m sorry for his case however, to be separated from his family, assuming he practices what he preaches.

Author: Jen Palmer

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