Biden’s Double Standard On Immigration Lands Him In Hot Water

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis spoke very critically of President Biden’s immigration policies this past weekend while on a visit to Texas, exposing the clear “double standard” that the administration employs against Cuban migrants.

DeSantis spoke to Fox News show host Jesse Waters, claiming that the legitimacy of the plight of Cubans is “a hundred-times stronger” than the case of most who cross the U.S.-Mexico border, who DeSantis says are simply seeking “more economic opportunity.” The reason is that Cubans are fleeing “political persecution [for] leaving a communist dictatorship.”

He continued to say that the situation is a clear “double standard” but added that it’s not surprising that the Biden administration would be guilty as such because he believes that “a lot of [Democrats] border policies are… political in nature.”

The governor’s remarks follow recent and heroic action taken by the Floridan government, sending many of their own law enforcement agents to aid Texas at the border. DeSantis emphasized how border states such as Florida, Texas, Arizona and others have had to step up to combat the immigration crisis as the federal government fails to secure it’s own borders.

DeSantis said that in places that “the federal government is failing,” states such as Texas are stepping in to take care of business, “and Florida and other[s] are helping.”

DeSantis brought attention to how the Biden administration permits illegal migrants to choose their destination after crossing into the border. Migrants are frequently handed bus tickets (courtesy of your tax dollars) to a state of their choosing, which DeSantis said is frequently Florida.

Customs and Border Protection said on Friday that just in the month of June there were almost 190,000 migrants attempting to cross the border. The number since the beginning of the year has already surpassed 1 million.

The number of attempted crossings continues to skyrocket, with June being the worst month on record so far. The numbers of illegal migrant crossings has surged since the moment Biden took office and immediately weakened strong border policies put in place by the Trump administration.

Author: Jeffrey Osbourne