Biden’s Crusade Against U.S. Energy Rages On With Stunning New Proposal

The Biden administration is currently debating the potential consequences of axing yet another oil pipeline in their continued war against American energy independence. The Line 5 pipeline in Michigan is facing the administration’s wrath now even as gas prices reach record highs. Biden’s energy secretary Jennifer Granholm warned on Sunday that the cost to heat homes throughout the winter will be higher no matter what Democrat President Biden decides to do with this particular pipeline given the policies already enacted since the beginning of the president’s term.

Line 5 is a critical component in a network of lines that transport crude oil and other petrol based products from western Canada. The pipeline is responsible for transporting 540,000 barrels each day. Petrol for the pipeline comes from Escanaba, Michigan.

The administration has not decided yet whether the country can afford to lose another major energy source, with critics pointing out the cruelty of enacting such ‘environment first’ measures on the cusp of a winter already slated to ravage millions of American households.

The director of environmental policy for the Mackinac Center, Jason Hayes, slammed the Biden administration for their reckless energy policies. Speaking in regards to Line 5 on Fox News, he said that the consideration of ending the pipeline is yet another “example of [the administration] being divorced from reality.”

Hayes highlighted the foolishness of attempting to “power an industrial nation… on solar panels and wind turbines.” Hayes also pointed out that the production of wind turbines and solar panels is completely dependent on power from “oil, natural gas… even coal.”

Hayes warned of grave consequences for America if the Biden administration pushes to end Line 5 at this time. The affected area would be ravaged by a sudden loss of natural gas and electricity provided by the pipeline. Hayes said that the northeast could face the same disaster as Texas did in February, that being “people freezing in their homes.”

Hayes slammed Western leaders for cutting off their own supplies of energy while nations like China and Russia continue to burn fossil fuels without any concern. Hayes pointed out that countries like Russia even “hold that energy hostage” from Western countries.

Over a dozen Republican lawmakers issued a letter to president Biden last week, criticizing his administration for eyeing Line 5 for abandonment as gas prices surge by over 50% with warnings from experts that they will climb even higher by next summer if a course adjustment isn’t made.

Author: Julie Sanders