Biden’s Christmas Wishes Just Got Crushed For Good

Democrat Senator Joe Manchin (WV) confirmed over the weekend that he was firmly saying “no” to President Joe Biden’s multi-trillion dollar Build Back Better spending package that Democrats were desperately attempting to push past the senate by the end of the year using a reconciliation clause to avoid the need for bipartisan agreement.

Manchin appeared on “Fox New Sunday” with host Bret Baier, saying that he had already “tried everything” to make the bill palatable for the American public, but had not been able to successfully do so.

Manchin explained that he had “reservations from the beginning” about the “mammoth… legislation.” He added that it’s been a major point of legislative focus for him to “make the numbers work… find a compromise,” but ultimately, the radical Left wouldn’t budge enough to make the bill a responsible piece of legislation.

Manchin cited concerns he had about his constituents in West Virginia who are already feeling the crushing weight of inflation, and pointed out that Biden’s promise that the inflation would be transitory was a lie. He added that piling on an additional $5 trillion to the already unmanageable $29 trillion national debt, compounded by inflation, geopolitical unrest, and COVID disruptions, was simply not going to be realistic.

Manchin said that he couldn’t in good conscience vote alongside Democrats on the bill “and explain it to the people of West Virginia.”

Manchin then firmly stated that he was putting his foot down on the legislation and wouldn’t allow it to move forward. He reiterated all of the work he’s had directly with the president on the bill, adding that he’s done all he can to try and strike a compromise, but the bill as it stands would cause too much harm due to the inflation.

Radical Democrats lost their minds after Manchin’s statements, with Jennifer Rubin of The Washington Post saying that “Democracy is hanging by a thread” thanks to his actions, and calling the Senator “destructive.”

‘Squad’ member Ilhan Omar had a profane tirade against the Senator, calling his reasoning “bullshit” and frustratingly pointing out that the loss was partly due to conceding the infrastructure bill separately.

Author: Martha Turner