Biden’s America — You Won’t Believe This Landlord’s Shocking Story

A landlord from North Carolina explains that he’s lost $24,000 as a consequence of lost rent from tenants, and says that during that same time one of his renters purchased three boats while Biden’s eviction moratorium protected him. Situations such as this continue even as the Centers for Disease Control announce an extended and heavily penalized ban that extends to October 3rd.

Buddy Shoup is the owner of 35 properties across North Carolina, and says that even though he hasn’t received rent payments, he’s been forced to maintain the properties all while the federal government hands out pithy rental assistance, of which only 7% has been supplied to needy renters.

Shoup explained that he saw the government aid money used to buy brand new boats rather than pay him owed rent. The same renters also had the gall to demand an air-conditioning repair in the middle of summer that cost Shoup $4,500. The tenants still didn’t furnish their rent and the government didn’t help him with the cost.

Shoup said that the costs of losing rental income aren’t the whole picture because he still must maintain his properties

Oftentimes, Shoup directs tenants who are unable to pay rent to local programs that receive money from city and county taxpayers in order to get assistance. But when it comes to assistance from the federal government, he reports that he hasn’t seen any signs that the money is actually getting to struggling renters.

In June, a 5-4 ruling by the Supreme Court favored the CDC in extending the rental moratorium until July 31, but said that future extensions would have to be approved by Congress.

On Tuesday, however, the CDC announced a new targeted ban on evictions to replace the one which expired last Saturday. President Biden had to admit that after discussions with constitutional scholars that the legal grounds for such a move were shaky and “not likely to pass constitutional muster.”

CDC Officials drafted the new eviction moratorium in an effort to protect tenants in counties that are experiencing “substantial… levels of community transmission” regarding COVID-19, but this category covers 90% of the United States, making the new rule nationwide in effect should it somehow be upheld.

Author: Terrell McCarthy