Biden’s Afghanistan Problems Are Way Bigger Than Previously Thought

Intelligence officials report that radical jihadist extremists are already flocking back to Afghanistan now that their allies the Taliban have captured Kabul. It’s currently expected that “within six months” old terrorist networks such as Al-Qaeda will be reformed and active. Meanwhile, the Biden administration is flailing as they learn to adapt to the total and sudden loss of military bases and support.

The Washington Post reported on Tuesday that foreign intelligence officials have told them about “energized” activity from global jihadist groups. The situation is expected to quickly deteriorate as the Taliban frees Al-Qaeda operatives that were imprisoned by the former government of Afghanistan.

The renewed energy of jihadists was already being felt as the U.S. was withdrawing from the country but was bolstered by the total overthrow of the Afghan government by Taliban forces as they captured Kabul on Sunday. Officials haven noted a massive uptick in communications between jihadists regarding the developing, or devolving situation in Afghanistan.

One expert told the Washington Post that the affair has branded the United States “as a weak nation,” with another expert explaining that jihadists are now considering Afghanistan as a preferable base of terrorist operations over Syria or Iraq.

U.S. officials previously estimated that it would require two years or more “for Al-Qaeda to reconstitute” itself in the country, but now they believe that timeframe to be six months.

One veteran intelligence officer said that our “counterterrorism posture” switched from “problematic… to extraordinarily bad,” as a result of the Taliban’s takeover. “It’s like a bad dream,” he lamented.

Experts fear that the U.S. has been completely unwound in it’s efforts to combat global terrorism with the onset of an intelligence blackout. Getting information regarding terrorist activity was already difficult when the U.S. had a strong presence in the country, but now even our embassy in the country has been rendered inoperable, leaving the actions of jihadists unchecked and America and other nations vulnerable to surprise attacks.

The U.S. effort is currently focused on evacuating the tens of thousands of Americans who remain trapped in the country, with tens of thousands more who hope to leave because they were allies to the Americans.

The Taliban are reported to be actively hunting down any Afghans who cooperated with the U.S. or other western powers and executing them.

The Biden administration admitted as of Tuesday morning that they have so far only been able to evacuate 700 people, with as many as 40,000 remaining.

Author: Patrick Townsend